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Our professionalism is based on the team’s knowledge and experience in presenting cases of various complexity in front of banks, credit unions, financial institutions, payment processors, and credit card and debit card companies. We work hard to ensure the fraudulent charges you have experienced have the highest chance for a successful recovery.

Lead Fraud and AML Investigator

PACIFIC RISK LTD & Julian Russell

Julian’s experience includes the project management of directing business intelligence cases ranging from pre-transactional due diligence for numerous industries to anti-money-laundering related projects, to security risk assessment assignments, to serious criminal investigations involving insurance frauds and laundering of proceeds of crime around the world through offshore companies and cash couriers.

In-House Legal Counsel, JD

Leon Hill

Leon’s professional experience includes managing a forced labor data and intelligence project for a global NGO combatting human trafficking by applying anti-money-laundering regulations. He has directed IP anti-piracy investigations with infringement enforcement response, provided foreign area risk assessments emphasising IP protection for multinational companies, and unmasked fraudulent industrial provocateurs, catalysing punitive enforcement actions that neutralised them.

u adviseurs
Accountancy, Financial and Tax Advisors


‘Uadviseurs’ is an Accounting, Financial and Tax consulting firm based in the Netherlands specializing in international and multi-jurisdictional taxation and complex commercial transactions. ‘Uadviseurs’ is Transparent Business Solutions B.V.’s retained accountancy and tax firm and has a diverse clientele ranging from local Dutch Entrepreneurs, to SME’s as well as large corporations and major financial institutions.

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Investigators, Cyber Forensic & Intelligence Analysts, Cyber Security Specialists


Cybertrace are a team of Private Investigators specialising in (OSINT based) online investigation products to private and commercial clientele. All products are tailor-made, highly confidential and comprehensive. The highest level product and service is guaranteed.

Cybertrace has extensive experience with investigations relating to cyber-fraud, website forensics, crypto currency tracing, assets, and due diligence background checks. 

Why would you need Scam Help?

Our team of international anti-money laundering and bank fraud specialists assist clients all other the world to facilitate and accelerate the fund recovery process. Armed with years of experience in banking, finance, and international law, we can help you to maximize your chance of recovering funds lost due to any type of scams. We provide support and advice to both commercial and private clients, guiding them through the recovery process, using various dispute techniques, including card-not-present dispute resolution, complex chargebacks, wire transfer recalls, etc. 

The majority of consumers are not aware of their rights and banking laws in place. Scam Help has all the resources and necessary experience to navigate the banking system and present your case in the most professional way

Banking rules provide consumers with only one shot to raise a dispute against the fraudulent merchant, therefore the dispute has to be well formulated in aligned with the local and international law

Big companies have the system to combat disputes and often fall victims to “chargeback fraud”. They do their best to protect their own assets, therefore you need to provide the most solid arguments to justify your dispute